GSS® - Gas Sensing Solutions

With the advent of the IoT or the internet of everything, we are inherently becoming more coupled with our world. Indeed, we can improve the quality of life, save power, enhance our security and overall productivity by connecting more effectively with our real world presence. Gases have a huge impact on us and our environment. We immediately think of Oxygen as our life-sustaining gas and have become very aware of carbon dioxide (CO2) over the last 30 years or so as the “villain in the sky”. However, CO2 plays a large, positive and varied role in our day-to-day lives and the monitoring of CO2 has many social and economic benefits. This White Paper discusses some of the application areas for smart CO2 sensing and the leading semiconductor-based technology, developed by Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) which is already being employed in these applications.

  Name Description
SprintIR®-W High speed CO2 sensor
SprintIR®-6S Very fast response CO2 sensor
CozIR®-LP Very low power CO2 sensor
ExplorIR®-M  Robust, low power, CO2 sensor in miniature format
CozIR®-A  Low power CO2 sensor
ExplorIR®-W Robust, low power CO2 sensor, with optional temperature and RH% sensing