TR Series

The TR Series pressure transducer is a rugged, direct-media pressure monitoring solution designed for today’s toughest pressure sensing environments.

The TR Series pressure transducer is a fully compensated, amplified output pressure sensor package combining Merit Sensor’s Sentium process harsh media MEMS piezoresistive die with state-of-the-art pressure sensor ASIC signal management. The TR Series ”plug and play” design isolates onboard electronics from system media through an inert eutectic alloy solder bond of the MEMS pressure element to a ceramic PCB substrate. Direct media pressure sensing translates into excellent system design flexibility leading to lower cost and ease of manufacture.

The TR Series is designed for air, liquid and gas harsh media compatibility over a broad temperature range from -40°C (-40°F) to 150°C (300°F) with a total error band of less than 2.5%. The design includes a 4.7kohm pull-up resistor, operates on a single 5.0VDC supply, and requires no external components for proper operation. Both gage and absolute pressure reference designs up to 500 psi (35.5 bar) operating range are available.

Application Industrial, automotive, medical