209/219/229/279 Series

The 209, E-Frame circuit breaker combines power switching with accurate, reliable circuit protection in a compact single or multipole unit. The unit is ideal for branch circuit applications such as EDP, air conditioners, panel boards and lighting controls. The 209 is actually a family of circuit breakers available in one through six pole assemblies with a variety of configurations and terminal styles to meet your application needs.

First in this family is the 209, a general purpose E-Frame circuit breaker which complies with UL Standard 489. Other members of the family include the 219, for manual controller applications, which complies to UL Standard 508, the 229, for supplementary protectors applications, which complies to UL Standard 1077, and the 299, a Special Construction version.

Utilizing the hydraulic-magnetic principle, the 209 family adapts itself to local applications and environments. Temperature conditions, which affect fuses and other thermal devices, are not a concern. The magnetic /ampere turn principle minimizes nuisance tripping due to temperature variations. Inrush currents, due to ferroresonant transformers, lamps and capacitive filters, are now becoming more significant.

Recognizing the need for this type of protection, Airpax offers the unique inertial delay which is standard for all 50/60Hz time delay units, but may be deleted where inrush is not a problem. No extra cost or special order is required. The 209 family of circuit breakers withstands high pulses without tripping or affecting normal delay curves.

This performance, however, does not derate or sacrifice protection. For more details please download PDF file.

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