AIRPAX® Products

Sensata Technologies develops and manufacturers high quality Airpax™ hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, circuit protectors and power switches to protect your valuable equipment and personnel.

  Name Description
IPA/CPA Series Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Protectors
JAE/JRE/JLE Series Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Protectors
LEGA Series Low-Depth, Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
LEJ & LEJA Series Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
Airpax® 3000 Series Temperature sensor probe
Airpax® 4100 Series Bimetal thermostat, brass probe
Airpax® 5003 Series 1/2” bimetal disc thermostat
Airpax® 5004 Series 1/2” bimetal disc thermostat