IMPORTANT NOTICE: The APG/UPG is a legacy product and no new design-in orders are being accepted. If the specifications for this product are necessary for your system, Sensata Technologies recommends utilizing the Airpax™ IAG series.

The APG/UPG magnetic circuit protector provides low-cost power switching, reliable circuit protection and accurate circuit control in one complete package.

It is intended for use in data processing and broadcast equipment, vending and amusement machines, military and marine applications, and wherever precision operation is required.
Designed using a current sensitive hydraulic magnetic principle, the APG/UPG adapts itself to many applications and environments.
Temperature compensations which affect fuses and other thermal devices are not a concern. Nuisance tripping is minimized.

The APG/UPG is available in a wide variety of configurations with a choice of delays and ratings. In addition, it is available in either DC, 50/60Hz or 400Hz versions.
Available in single or multi-pole variations, the APG/UPG comes with a variety of actuators.
To enhance front-panel aesthetics, toggle or rocker actuated handles and caps are available in a variety of attractive colors. Multi-pole circuit protectors can be furnished with either single or multiple actuators. In addition, a unique sealed, single handle toggle version for harsh or military environments is available in single or multi-pole configurations.
The UPG circuit protector is recognized under UL Standard 1077, file numbers E66410 and E33504 as a supplementary protector.
It is also certified by CSA under CSA STD. C22.2–No. 235, file number LR26229 as a supplementary protector.

The APG is qualified to MIL-PRF-55629. APG/UPG circuit protectors are available in one through four pole assemblies with a variety of pole arrangements, terminal styles, and accessories to meet your specifications, including APG/UPG adapter plate option to allow mounting in APL/UPL cutout.

Application machines, military and marine