APL/UPL Series

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The APL/UPL is a legacy product and no new design-in orders are being accepted. We are also discontinuing the 205 series (APL with dust proof enclosure). If the specifications for any of these products are necessary for your system, Sensata Technologies recommends utilizing the Airpax™ IAL series.

The APL/UPL magnetic circuit protector provides reliable, low-cost power switching, circuit protection and circuit control.

The handle opens and closes a circuit, under normal load conditions, similar to an ON-OFF switch. Upon overload, the internal mechanism trips, opens the contacts and forcibly returns the handle to the OFF position. Since the protector is “trip free,” the internal contacts will not remain closed in the presence of an overload, even though the handle is held in the ON position.

The APL/UPL line offers many configurations including series, shunt and relay with a choice of delays and ratings. APL/UPL multi-pole assemblies are available with a mix of current ratings, delays and internal circuit configurations. While designed for industrial, military and information processing applications, the APL is suitable for use in any situation where precision operation is required.

Most versions of the APL family are recognized by UL per UL STD. 1077 as supplementary protectors and certified by CSA per CSA STD. C22.2–No. 235 as supplementary protectors and are designated with the UPL prefix.

Application electronic equipment, motor applications