Klixon® 15AM

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Motor Protector/Thermal Cut-Out

As world market leader in appliance motor protection Sensata Technologies builds the 15AM motor protector to meet almost any application in this field. The 15AM is designed to provide locked rotor and overload protection in a wide variety of motors for industrial and domestic appliances. The 15AM is a leader in the European AC motor protection market.

Design & operating principles

In the 15AM design the nickel plated shell holds and protects the inner components against varnish penetration and mechanical forces. The heart of the device is the calibrated Klixon® bimetal disc, responding to current and temperature changes. It is supported by a slug and a contact welded on the disc. The fixed contact is placed on the opposite nickelzinc coated plated steel shell, separated by a coated gasket for insulating and sealing. The 15AM can be supplied as a basic device with leads and other integrated quick connectors or automated connection systems. Customized lead configurations are available on request.

The 15AM can be fitted in the best possible mounting location in combination with the optimum assembly operation. As the 15AM is a metal device it may be necessary to insulate the device from other conductive parts. An insulating sleeve is available on request. The operating principle of the 15AM is both simple and effective. A current flows through the resistive Klixon® bimetal disc. When a fault condition occurs, the increased current and shell temperature heats up the bimetal disc which snaps and opens the contacts. As the device cools down to a safe temperature, the contacts will automatically reset.

Key Features

  • Provides mounting flexibility
  • European supply
  • Competitive price
  • Local Engineering
Application Electric motors for pumps - washing machines - dish washers - dryers - vacuum cleaners - fans - battery chargers and microwave ovens



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