Manufacturer: Klixon®

Thermal Protectors

The SB/ESB Series thermal protector offers the reliability of a bimetal protector in a robust hermetic package. It is ideally suited to provide thermal and/or locked rotor protection in applications requiring unique processing or environmental challenges (AC/DC motors, compressors, transformers, etc.). Sensata Technologies’ miniature, glass encapsulated thermal protectors provide both thermal and current overload protection.

The SB/ESB family of protectors combines Sensata’s bimetal protection technology with a true glass to metal hermetic seal. This ultrareliable combination can be used for such things as small AC fractional horsepower motors, DC motors, battery chargers, ballasts, NiCad battery packs, transformers and internal protection for compressors.

Features & Benefits

  • Hermetically sealed
  • Compact
  • Opening temperature range of 60ºC to 170ºC in 5ºC increments
  • Snap action
  • Copper or tin plated copper leads in a variety of lengths
  • Safe from penetration of fluids
  • Ultimate corrosion protection
  • No secondary insulation needed
  • Can operate in high pressure environments
  • Improves safety of end product
Application Horsepower motors, DC motors, etc.