Klixon® TH10

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Thermal Cut-Out

Sensata Technologies has developed the TH10 temperature cut-out to respond to the need of increasing power of heating and personal care appliances. As a result of this, Sensata Technologies has further established its leading position in the worldwide thermal protection market.

The TH10 consists of two nickelplated supports, held together with ceramic pins. One support holds the high performance Klixon® bimetal disc, which, in combination with the sophisticated contact system, provides superior cycling performance. For self-hold versions see TH11/21. A wide temperature range, standard 5K tolerance, different bimetal resistivity, plus optional terminal configurations make the TH10 suitable for a very wide range of applications. The operating principle of the TH10 is simple and effective. A current flows through the resistive Klixon® bimetal disc.
When a fault condition occurs, the increased ambient temperature causes the bimetal disc to snap open the contacts.
As the device cools down to a safe temperature again, the contacts will automatically reset.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 terminal configurations available
  • The bimetal disc is protected by the metal support
  • Provides stable setting values
  • The particular design provides high competitivity
Application Hair dryers, Fan heaters, etc.



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