Klixon® YS10

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Small Thermostat Protector

YS10 was developed to protect people and property from accidents occurring on products such as Hair Dryer/Fan heater. It is an automatic resettable, incorporated thermal cut-out (Type 2C). The YS10 pursued to enable to be used for higher wattage products, therefore highest current can be loaded through YS10, and directly cut off power line. But the distance of mounting holes is kept at same size as conventional protector MA10. Construction YS10 is constructed with only few parts as a simple and open design (IP00) and based on the well known thermostat technology of Texas Instruments.

Heat generated by 4.Movable Arm is designed properly on a combination with operation temperature and Trip current. Therefore, user could select best choice of MUST HOLD current for their product.
The YS10 is mounted by various means in conjunction with (holes in) the terminals, such that adequate creepage and clearance distances are maintained between live parts and accessible metal parts. The electrical connections are for internal wiring only and are achieved by e.g. riveting, soldering or spot welding.

Features & Benefits

  • High current capacity (125Vac / 16A) to cut off power circuit
  • Keep small size as conventional protector MA10, and thermal sensitivity
  • Reliable long life
Application Hair Dryer/Fan heater



  • YS10
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