Klixon® YS11

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Small Thermal Motor Protector / Thermal Cut-Out

YS11 was developed to protect people and property from accidents occurring on Motor which is used for Fan motor, washing machine and so on. It functions as a selfresetting thermal cut-out (Type 2B), thermal motor protector (Type 3C) and thermal protector for ballasts.

The YS11 pursued to enable to be used for both of installation manner of on-winding and outside of resin packed motor by clamping or insertion. It directly cut off power line. Since it has plastic case, it does not need to insulate YS11 protector from metal parts of motor. YS11 is constructed with simple design and based on the well known thermostat technology of Sensata Technologies. And it has enough sealing capability to withstand varnish process and reinforced case enabled to be laced on winding. R-type case was developed for Resin Packed Motor.
This is designed to resist for high pressure which may be loaded during molding process. Maximum pressure is required to be control within 7.5Mpa.
Please be noted that R-type case does not have enough sealing capability, therefore it should not applied for winding varnish process.
Dimension is 6.0mm x 7.8mm (ellipse) x 23.0mm length

Features & Benefits

  • Plastic Case featured small protector
  • Stable and Reliable long life on Non-Current Carry designed device
  • Chattering free and precise operating temperature
Application Fan motor, washing machine, etc.



  • YS11
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