Klixon® 7895 SERIES

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Hermetically Sealed On-Winding Motor Thermostats

Klixon® 7895 on-winding motor thermostats are designed to protect hermetically- sealed compressor motors from excessive winding temperatures. A positive refrigerant seal combined with small tubular construction allows these thermostats to be installed directly in the motor windings for precise monitoring of winding tempertures. As a result, the compressor manufacturer can choose a thermostat that will allow the motor to be safely rated to its maximum capacity.
Maximum heat transfer from the motor windings to the thermostat is the key to optimum performance. In many cases, the total surface of the device can be utilized by inserting its entire length within the stator winding.

Good performance is also achieved by lacing the protector to the top of the windings, making sure that the surface of the case is in close contact with the stator windings. The thermostat may be varnished dipped and baked with the entire assembly.
The 7895 thermostat is used as a pilot duty control to protect a motor from overheating in a running overload condition. When used alone, it cannot protect against locked rotor since its response time is not fast enough to follow the very rapid temperature rise of the windings. The Klixon 8347 and 8348 supplementary overloads with their quick response to locked rotor current, can be used to supplement the 7895 thermostat.
These overload devices trip very quickly for the first several cycles, allowing enough time for the heat generated in the windings to reach the thermostat which then takes over as the controlling element. This combination is used to protect both single-phase and three-phase motors.

Features & Benefits

  • Small size and shape permits close coupling to motor windings for increased protection
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure.
  • Simple, rugged all-welded construction has one moving part for trouble-free service
  • Klixon® snap action thermal disc assures positive make and break action controlled temperature differential aid vibration resistance
Application compressor motors



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