Klixon® Maxi Breaker™ SERIES

Category: Automotive
Manufacturer: Klixon®

Circuit Breakers

Sensata Technologies’ Maxi Breaker Series of circuit protectors are rated for use up to 125ºC. This patented device is available both as a cycling (SAE Type 1) and non-cycling (SAE Type 2) device.
Typical placement of the Maxi Breaker is under the hood fuse blocks or other areas of the vehicle that house a Maxi Blade Fuse*.
The Maxi Breaker protects against momentary overloads and eliminates the need for fuse replacement.

Key Benefits

  • Available in SAE Type 1 (cycling) and SAE Type 2 (non-cycling)
  • Multiple bimetallic resistivities available
  • Heater wire wrapped around the bimetal keeps the protector open until power is removed (Type 2 only)
  • Insensitive to momentary overloads
  • Self-resetting characteristics add safety to critical areas of protection
  • Accommodates longer life cycle requirements
  • Ambient compensated design allows for use in harsh areas where temperatures may reach 125ºC
Application Automotive



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