Because ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants that is widely used these days to fight against Covid-19, the market demand for ozone sensors has increased significantly. SemeaTech manufactures the finest ozone sensors with many options to fit customer applications #gasdetection #ozone #disinfection #disinfectant #gasleak #environmentalmonitoring #sensors #sensortechnology #environmentalprotection

  Name Description
4-Series O3-1 Sensor Ozone Sensor
4-Series O3-10 Sensor Ozone sensor
7-Series O3-1 Sensor Ozone sensor
7-Series O3-20 Sensor Ozone sensor
4ECM-SMART Module Ozone sensor module
SP3-61-00 Ozone sensor
A1320301-SP61-02 Ozone sensor module
A1320301-SP361-02 Ozone sensor module