Klixon® 35HM SERIES

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Hermetically Sealed On-Winding, 3-Phase Motor Protectors

This protector is designed to protect 3-phase refrigeration and air conditioning compressor motors from excessive winding temperature; however, applications may be made to any WYE wound 3-phase motors where environmental conditions require a hermetic seal. The low profile permits the device to be installed directly on motor windings for closely coupled temperature monitoring, thus enhancing over-temperature protection against loss of refrigeration charge, low voltage locked rotor, and secondary single-phasing (loss of phase). The 35HM is designed to reduce installation costs by replacing pilot control systems with a simple, economical, compact device.

Features & Benefits

  • Protect WYE (Star) wound 3-phase motors from 4 to 10HP. Used in refrigeration compressors, submersible pumps and other restrictive environments.
  • In-line protection in a small, rugged, welded construction. Low profile shape allows for close coupling to motor windings.
  • Hermetic reliability designed for leakage rates less than 1 x 10-9cc per second of air with 1 atmosphere pressure differential.
  • Klixon® snap-action discs assure positive make and break action and controlled temperature differential.
  • Designed for low and high side pressure applications.
Application 3-phase motors from 4 to 10HP



  • 35HM
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