Sensata electrical protection by GVZ Components

Sensata’s Sensors business is a market leader in automotive, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and industrial markets. Our products include a full line of pressure sensors for cars, trucks and heavy off-road vehicles – and they do everything from improving safety and performance to helping the environment by reducing emissions. Sensors and switches made by this business detect pressure, temperature, air flow, gas, humidity, speed, position and provide on/off controls used in automotive, industrial and HVAC applications.

  Name Description
Klixon® 20413, 20600, 20650 SERIES Fixed Temperature Thermostats
Klixon® 3HM Series Hermetically sealed motor protector for single-phase on-winding protection
Klixon® 7HT, 8HT, 9HT&14HT SERIES PCT Solid State Heaters
Klixon® 19HM Single Phase Hermetic Motor Protector
Klixon® 5AP Motor Protector
Klixon® 6AP Motor Protector