Sensata® 2HMP Series

Category: Pressure Sensors
Manufacturer: SENSATA®


The Sensata Technologies 2HMP series is ideal for demanding air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial applications where longterm reliability and accuracy is a must.
The 2HMP provides best in class accuracy over temperature, in a reliable, hermetic design at a competitive price. Sensata Technologies has been a leading global supplier of pressure sensors and switches for over 50 years.

Key Features

  • Media isolation prevents abnormal operation during thermal shock
  • Media and electrical isolation protects against thermal and electrical shock
  • Outstanding EMC/ESD performance
  • Low cost design for OEM applications
  • MEMS sensing technology
  • Integrated connector or flying leads
  • Flexible threaded fitting or braze tube pressure connection and mounting options
Application Air conditioning and refrigeration



  • 2HMP
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