Sensata® 60CP SERIES

Category: Pressure Sensors
Manufacturer: SENSATA®

Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Sensor 5VDC Supply, Ratiometric Output

The 60CP series pressure sensors are ideally suited for environmentally demanding industrial applications. Using a 5.0 V excitation input, the 60 series sensors provides a .5-4.5 V signal ratiometric output proportional to pressure. This design requires no end user amplification. Several housing options are available.

Key Features

  • Enhanced accuracy over wide operating range
  • Housing options are compatible with most media
  • EMC protection to 100V/m
  • Broad operating temperature range (-40° C to 135° C)
  • Exceptional shake and vibration tolerance
  • Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection
Application Pumps, compressors, air conditioning, engine controls



  • 60CP
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