Klixon® 36PS Series, Automatic Reset

Category: Pressure Switches
Manufacturer: Klixon®

Pressure Switches

Sensata’s 36PS pressure switch offers a number of design features that ensure accurate, reliable performance in low pressure, dry circuit applications. The all-metal con- struction of this hermetically sealed “free disc” switch allow the product to remain extremely stable over life. Compatible with most fluids, this product is rated up to 1M cycles.

Key Features

  • Hermetically Sealed Sensor
  • Snap Acting/Automatic Reset
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Environmentally Sealed and Vented
  • Compact and Lightweight for Direct Mounting
  • Excellent Set Point Repeatability & Temperature Stability
  • Narrow Tolerance and Hysteresis
  • High Vibration Capability
Application Construction equipments, compressors, automation systems, etc.



  • 36PS
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