Klixon® 25PS

Category: Pressure Switches
Manufacturer: Klixon®

Pressure Switches

Sensata’s 25PS pressure switch family of products has been designed for direct control of electric motors and other demanding load applica- tions requiring precise pressure settings. Sensata’s Klixon® snap acting disc is the heart of this hermetically sealed product offering. Extended electrical capacities and life cycles, in both environmentally sealed and unsealed configurations, encourage usage in the most rigorous electrical protection applications.

Key Features

  • Hermetically Sealed Sensor
  • Snap Acting/Automatic Reset
  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Factory Calibrated Setpoints
  • SPST or SPDT both normally open or closed contacts
  • Electrically rated to 600V (44/45PS)
  • High cycle life capability (42/44PS)
  • Environmental sealing is available
  • High current capability
Application Air conditioning, refrigeration, compressors, pumps, etc.