The P500 incorporates Kavlico’s 4th generation ceramic capacitive sense element with the latest stateof- the-art proprietary ASIC. Available in brass or stainless steel housings, this multi-purpose sensor is rugged by design. Highly reliable, the P500 is ideal for measuring a broad range of process media including hydrocarbon based fluids, air, and gases. The P500 package has a built-in Metri-Pack 150 series sealed electrical connector and is available with popular pressure connection thread options. The sensor is offered with seal materials suitable for diverse applications. Standard pressure ranges are available in PSI or Bar.


  • Pressure Ranges: 0 - 1 up to 0 - 70 Bar, 0 - 15 up to 0 - 1000 PSI
  • Electrical Connection: Packard Electric Metri-Pack 150 Series
  • Pressure Connection_ 1/4-18 NPT (external), 1/8-27 NPT (external)
  • Housing Material: Brass (up to 300 psi) and stainless steel (above 300 psi)
  • Output Voltage: 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc
Application Compressors, Process Controls, Instruments & Test Equipment, Sterilizers, Air Pressure, Oil & Fuel Pressure, Coolant Pressure, Agricultural Equipment, CNG & Natural Gas Engines