The PS1B pressure switch features an innovative OLED display, which ensures excellent readability of the pressure indicator. Based on the pressure sensor of PTE5000 family the PS1B measures not only pressures from 0 to 600 bar, but the setting can be changed individually using the switch. The sensor part of PS1B pressure switch uses Kavlico’s thin-film strain gauge technology, is hermetically sealed and thus doesn’t need an internal seal. This easy-to-use pressure switch is media resistant, allowing for a broad range of liquid and gaseous media compatibility. It can be used at high operating temperatures and has integral temperature compensation. Reliable,accurate, and rugged the PS1B is a solution to the most demanding, mission critical applications.

Main Features

  • Pressure Ranges: 0 to 6 up to 0 to 600 bar (gage)
  • Electrical Connection: G 1/4” A DIN 3852-E or -A
  • Pressure Connection: M12-4 Pin
  • Output Signal: 4 - 20 mA, Programmable Switching Output
Application Food and beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Dispesing and packaging machines, Sanitary applications, Combustion air flows, Oil and gas refineries, Chemical Processing, Fertilizer Manufacturing