The P993 series of pressure sensors incorporates a silicon capacitive sensing element in a compact package. Using a 5 VDC input, the sensors provide a 0.25 to 4.0 VDC output proportional to pressure. Internal temperature compensation provides an accurate, easy to use device. The innovative design eliminates mounting position effects found on other low pressure differential sensors currently available in the market.

Main Features

  • Pressure Ranges: 1, 2, 5, 10, ±1, ±2, ±5 Inches of H2O
  • Electrical Connection: 3 solderable pins, tin plated
  • Pressure Connection: 1/8” diameter tube fitting with barb
  • Housing Material: PET 30% glass reinforced, flame retardant
  • Output Signal: 0.25 VDC – 4 VDC
Application Variable Air Volume Systems (VAV), Filter Pressure Monitoring Duct Air, Flow Modulated Furnace Controls, Combustion Air Flow Gaseous, Leak Detection