Klixon® AT Series

Category: Precision Switches
Manufacturer: Klixon®

Snap Action Precision Position Switches

The Klixon® AT series are our most popular family of precision hermetic switches because of their broad performance envelope, small size, and ability to be easily incorporated into a wide variety of packages.
Klixon® AT series switches are available as basic switches, basic switches with mounting brackets and actuators, or as switch packages. Packages are formed by configuring various electrical terminations, actuator means and physical construction around one or more basic switches. Within this family there are four basic switches: the AT, the 3AT, the 4AT, and the 10AT. Each has been optimized for particular performance characteristics and is capable of meeting the demands of low-level current switching applications

  • Meet the demands of low-level current switching applications
  • Various mechanical and electrical configurations available as standard or custom configurations
  • Actuation plungers of various shapes and materials available
  • Multi-pole switch package options
  • Mounting via threaded brushings or side-plate design
  • Wiring can be supplied as flying leads or via a variety of standard connectors
Application Commercial and military aircraft, as well as various space vehicles and satellites



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