Klixon® 4HVS Series

Category: Precision Switches
Manufacturer: Klixon®

High Performance Hermetic Interlock Switches

The Klixon® 4HVS series of interlock switches utilizes a hermetically sealed snap-acting sine switch to create a high reliability yet cost effective solution.

The 4HVS Series was developed for the most severe environments, and the most demanding applications. Ideal for guarding engine compartments, access and maintenance hatches, electrical cabinets, machinery, and industrial equipment. Its explosion-proof design and one-piece steel case construction make it well suited for fuel wetted areas.
Its high vibration resistance makes it an ideal choice for ground and air vehicle applications. Our part number building block approach utilizes standard components and provides a wide variety of options…while retaining the cost advantage of off-the-shelf devices.


  • Explosion-proof device
  • Stainless steel, hermetic seal construction
  • Rated to 10 amps
  • Rated for 28 VDC and 110 VAC, 60-900 Hz
  • Available in single pole, double throw (SPDT) and double pole, double throw (DPDT)
  • Screw or soldier terminals
Application Engine, electrical cabinets, machinery, and industrial equipment



  • 4HVS
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