Klixon® 20TC SERIES

Manufacturer: Klixon®

Single-Phase, Aircraft Circuit Breaker (Rocker-Type)

The Klixon® 20TC series circuit breakers offer the advantages of integrating an on/off switch and a circuit protector in a trim, compact package. The snap–on actuators are available on request in a variety of colors, styles and indication markings designed to provide a stylish console appearance to the panels of light aircraft. Several different types of actuators are available. The translucent actuator permits quick identification of the actuator position under low ambient lighting conditions by emitting a soft glow from a light source, such as an edge–lighted panel. Colored actuators will be hot letter stamped in white. White and translucent actuators will be stamped in black.


  • 30VDC or 120VAC, 3 to 35 Amps
  • Versatile rocker actuator: snap–on, switch type
  • Panel mounting
  • Provides dual function (on/off) circuit switching and protection

Additional Options

  • Various styles and colors (black, white, translucent, colored)
Application Aircraft



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