Aircraft Aerospace Defence Circuit Breakers

Klixon aircraft, airspace circuit breakers

KLIXON® aircraft, aerospace and defense circuit breakers are compact, lightweight, protective devices designed to repeatedly interrupt short circuits or extended overloads in applications which require precise, dependable operation plus high resistance to shock and vibration.
To avoid nuisance tripping caused by harmless transient or momentary overloads, these circuit breakers feature an inherent thermal time-lag characteristic. This enables equipment to operate at maximum limits with complete safety. The heart of the aircraft circuit breaker is the KLIXON® metal disc.
At a predetermined overload, the heat caused by current passing through the disc causes the disc to reverse its curvature, or snap. This snapping action separates the electrical contacts and opens the circuit.

  Name Description
Klixon® 3SB SERIES Simulators, single-phase, low amp, quick trip
Klixon® 7235 & 7236 SERIES 7½ to 400 Amp, Thermal Overload Sensing Controls
Klixon® 7270 & 7271 SERIES 3 to 35 Amp, Miniature Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 5TC SERIES 20 to 50 Amp, Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 2TC2, 2TC27 & 2TC63 1 to 35 Amps, Single Pole Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 2TC49 SERIES 2.5 to 10 Amps, Single Pole Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 3TC2, 3TC14 & 3TC27 SERIES 15 to 35 Amps, Single Pole Aircraft Circuit Breakers
Klixon® 6TC & 9TC SERIES 1 to 35 Amp, Three-Phase Aircraft Circuit Breakers