Categoria: Gas Chromatography
Produttore: FIS® NISSHA

Sensor Gas Chromatograph

Hydrogen/Carbon monoxide/Methane Analyzer

Sensor Gas Chromatograph (SGC) uses a highly sensitive semiconductor gas sensor as a gas detector. The original built-in column is small, enabling the sample gases to be very sensitive and quick separation..

  • Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane analyzer
  • Highly sensitive to the target gas
  • Easy operation, just push the switch to start the measurement
  • Short time measurement (4 min)
  • Attached software displaying output signal and gas concentration
  • No complicated maintenance and calibration are required
  • Small size: 260(W) x 135(H) x 340(D) mm
  • Can be customized upon request
Applicazioni Hydrogen/Carbon monoxide/Methane Analyzer

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