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DC Motor Protectors

Sensata Technologies’ SMB Series of snap action motor protectors are designed for DC blower and engine cooling fan motors, pump motors or other applications up to 42 Volts where over-current or over- temperature protection are required. The SMB is equipped for operation under harsh temperature extremes. A broad range of design and mounting options enable this device to be custom engineered to meet your needs. Sensata Technologies is an ISO and TS registered company providing world class quality products.

Key Benefits

  • Copper plated steel base and tab
  • Available in covered and uncovered versions
  • Designed to trip time or temperature specifications
  • Multiple bimetallic resistivities available
  • 100% compliance with the Substance of Concern (SoC), ELV and RoHS hazardous material initiatives
  • Electrical connection enabled by soldering, riveting, or resistance welding
  • Snap action device provides longer life cycle
  • Brush card or end cap mountable in the motor
  • Multiple lug and brush/bracket may reach 125ºC
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