Airpax® 5003 Series

Produttore: Airpax®

1/2” bimetal disc thermostat

The Airpax™ 5003 series is a RoHS compliant, positive snap action, single pole / single throw, bimetallic thermostat which provides accurate and reliable sensing and switching in a single device.

The 5003 series is ideal for applications when space is at a premium.
Overall depth without projecting terminals is only 0.250 inches.
The basic switch assembly is operated by a bimetal disc with positive, reinforced snap-action, which is known for its reliable repeatability.

The construction of the switch assembly offers excellent shock and vibration resistance.
Thermal response is fast due to low mass. The 5003 series offers many terminal and mounting options to fit your application needs.
For high humidity and contaminating atmosphere applications, the device is sealed with a non-volatile resin.
Narrow differential devices are ideal for control, while standard differentials can be used for high or low temperature limit switches.

The series 5003 thermostat is cЯUus certified.

Main Features

  • RoHS compliant per EU directive 2002 / 95 / EC
  • 1/2” disc button style
  • Low profile design
  • Ideal for surface and air sensing
Applicazioni High or low temperature limit switches


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