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Refrigerant and toxic gas leakage detector


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Detector for toxic and refrigerant gases, based on tin dioxide technology into an IP55 enclosure with customizable output

The GDS401 R32 gas detector is a flexible product of the new GDS400 family of detectors for toxic gases and refrigerants. Equipped with a semiconductor sensitive element head, positioned in the lower part and protected by a special bronze filter, measures the concentration of toxic gas on the PPM scale (parts per million).

In case of exhaustion or failure of the sensitive element, the same can be replaced directly in the field, in a simple and fast way , with considerable savings on maintenance costs.
The communication electronics, housed inside a ADFT IP55 dustproof metal case, controls signals coming from the sensor and convert them into signals usable by the customer.

The detector is also equipped (optionally) with an Android app and PC software interface, which allows for field testing of the detector, and configuration changes as thresholds of detection, alarm filters, addressing, full scale, etc.

Main features

  • Customer definable outputs
  • Simple maintenance
  • Selectable alarm values
  • Android App and PC interface option


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