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Manufacturer: NevadaNano

MINI Flammable Gas Sensor Delivering TrueLEL


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NevadaNano’s MPS Mini Flammable Gas Sensor is the next generation of gas detection and quantification for worker safety and leak detection in drilling, transportation, and production of oil & gas and chemical products. The smart sensor quickly detects and accurately quantifies over a dozen gases and gas mixtures using a standard factory calibration. It has built-in environmental compensation and automatic self-testing for fail-safe operation. It is robust and extremely poison resistant. Sensor readings are output on a digital bus or configurable analog output – no added electronics are required. With a 15-year lifetime and no calibration required, the MPS Mini Flammable Gas Sensor delivers industry-leading performance and a low cost of ownership.

Operating Principle

The MPS Mini Flammable Gas Sensor’s transducer is a micro-machined membrane with an embedded Joule heater and resistance thermometer. The MEMS transducer is mounted on a PCB and packaged inside a rugged enclosure open to ambient air. Presence of a flammable gas causes changes in the thermodynamic properties of the air/ gas mixture that are measured by the transducer. Sensor data are processed by patent-pending algorithms to report an accurate concentration and classify the flammable gas.


  • Automatic multi-gas accuracy in real-time
  • Built-in environmental compensation
  • Extremely poison resistant
  • No calibration required
  • 15+ year lifetime
  • Low power — 29 mW average
  • Built-in self-test for fail-safe operation
Gas Formula Detection Range Accuracy
(0-50 %LEL)
butane C4H10 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
ethane C2H6 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
hydrogen H2 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
isobutane HC(CH3)3 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
isobutylene C4H8 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
isopropanol C3H8O 0-100 %LEL ±10 %LEL
methane CH4 0-100 %LEL ±3 %LEL
methyl ethil ketone C4H8O 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
octane C8H18 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
pentane C5H12 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
propane C3H8 0-100 %LEL ±6 %LEL
propylene C3H6 0-100 %LEL ±5 %LEL
toluene C7H8 0-100 %LEL ±12 %LEL
xilene C8H10 0-100 %LEL ±12 %LEL

Accuracy guaranteed for methane and hydrogen across full environmental range. Other gases typically meet the published tolerances across the full environmental range, but are guaranteed only near standard conditions. The MPS Mini Flammable Gas Sensor is capable of detecting most common flammable gases/vapors

 Codes Description PKG Pins UART Analog Out Auto Start
MPS003-S40501-EX Flammables Gas Sensor S4 5 available available available
MPS003-S40505-EX Flammables Gas Sensor S4 5 available 0.4-2V available

Flammables Gas Sensor 

S4 3 available 0.4-2V available
MPS003-S40509-EX Flammables Gas Sensor S4 5 available 0.4-2V available
MPS003-S403E9-EX Flammable Gas Sensor
S4 3 available 0.4-2V available
MPSF00-MN0505-00 Flammable Gas Sensor Mini 5 available 0.4-2V available
MPSF00-MN0509-00 Flammable Gas Sensor (ISO) Mini 5 available 0.4-2V available
MPSF00-MN05E9-00 Flammable Gas Sensor (IEC) Mini 5 available 0.4-2V available



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