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Manufacturer: GVZ Components

Delivers complete set of information on Radon concentration


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How it works

The sensor provides Radon concentration level every hour. Thus, the first valid data is available 1 hour after powering up.
Radon concentration data may be affected by severe variations, according to the high variability that Radon has in short-term periods. Thus, in order to obtain a more accurate representation of the data, it is recommended to use a Mean value.
The Mean will represent the actual Radon presence in a much better way than the instantaneous value. For a short-term analysis, it is recommended to use a 3 hour mean. For a long-term analysis, it is suggested to calculate a 12 hour mean.
The sensor sends out the instantaneous Radon level via Asynchronous communication (UART) each hour. Moreover, it is possible to communicate simple tasks to the sensor:
• Polling systems can interrogate the sensor simply by sending the ‘r’ character (ASCII: 114d, 72h). OEM will answer back with the last calculated value.
• The sent data can have 2 different formats: ‘char’ and ‘numeric’. For system startup, always set it to ‘char’. That can be changed by sending the ‘c’ (ASCII: 99d, 63h) or the ‘n’ (ASCII: 110d, 6Eh) character respectively for ‘char’ and ‘numeric’ format. No ACK or positive feedback is sent back.
• It is possible to perform a hard reset of the system via software. That will Kill each process and will restart the system from the beginning. It is achievable by sending the ‘k’ (ASCII: 107d, 6Bh) character. Still, no ACK or positive feedback is sent back.


  • Easy to use advanced technology
  • Delivers complete set of information including instantaneous and average Radon concentration
  • Ideal for portable, fixed and digital applications



OEM Radon Sensor

Measuring Principle

Phototransistor sensor.
Silicon with internal amplification (bipolar junction transistor) for detection of Radon daughters’ alpha particles.

Detectable Gas


Measurement Range

0.1 – 1750 pCi/l


0.03 cpm/(pCi/l) or 1.8 cph/(pCi/l)

Field Range

0 – 65,000 Bq/m3

Sensitivity field range

30 Bq/m3

Data Interval

10 minute update

Sensor Warm-Up Time

60 minutes


28 Bq/m3


6% (48h at 150 Bq/m3)

Expected Operating Lifetime

> 5 years

Warranty Period

12 months from date of despatch

Power supply

3.3V and Vload 5V


80 x 80 x 31 mm

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