Klixon® 3NT

Temperature Switches

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

Fixed Temperature Thermostats


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The 3NT thermostat from Sensata Technologies is a new, custom built, automatic reset thermostat designed to meet your specific application requirements. Its patented, tamperproof, Klixon® snapacting bimetal disc provides reliable, repeatable switch actuation, for electrical loads ranging from dry circuits to 10A @ 240Vac. The dry seal also allows direct integration of the thermostat into a wire harness, eliminating extra connections.

The core of the 3NT is the proven 1NT thermostat. Recognized by all major worldwide agencies, hundreds of millions are used daily in a wide variety of appliance, HVAC, automotive, and specialty applications.
Manufactured since 1981, the 1NT thermostat is produced at ISO 9000 certified manufacturing sites.

This component is certified according to the EN60079 standard, therefore it is suitable for use on ATEX equipment.


Small size, a variety of mounting options, and outstanding thermal response, makes the 3NT an excellent temperature control for dehumidifiers, freezers, heat pumps, ice makers, refrigerators, or any place where a fixed temperature control is required in a wet or dirty environment.

Key Features

  • Automatic Reset
  • Small and easy to mount
  • Fast thermal response
  • Innovative dry seal design - protects from moisture and dust
  • Reliable 100K cycle life
  • High temperature - to 275ºF (135ºC)


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