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Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

Scalable Battery Management System 


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The s-BMS consists of a BMCU (Battery Management Control Unit) master board. The master board communicates with up to 32 Local Monitoring Units (LMU), featuring up to 1000V applications. The LMU monitors individual and total voltages of 3-8 cells in series and features 2 temperature sensors.

The s-BMS can be configured through the licensed s-BMS PRO software, which enables the battery integrator to create a unique battery design and tailor it specifically for their needs.


Power supply 6-35 V
Range of high voltage measurement 0 – 120 VDC
Accuracy of high voltage measurement ±1 VDC
Range of current measurement input Shunt ±200 mV
Accuracy of current measurement input Shunt ±0.5 mV -40 – 85 °C
Range of current measurement input (Hall effect sensor) 0.0 – 5.0 V, 0.0 -2.5 V current in, 2.5 V – 5.0 V current out
Accuracy of current measurement input (Hall effect sensor) ±1.25 mV -40 – 85 °C
Standby consumption (sleep mode) <2.5 mW
Active consumption <2.7 W
Supported CAN communication type CAN 2.0A/B 11 bit and 29 bit IDs
Supported CAN speeds 125, 250, 500, 1k kbit/sec
CAN ports 1 (reference to power supply 6-35V)
External General Purpose I/O’s 4 GP I/O (Active Low) and 4 inputs
Charger control interfaces CAN
Number of cells Up to 24 Cells. Minimum 11 V
Minimum detectable cell voltage 0 VDC
Maximum detectable cell voltage 5 VDC
Cell balancing topology Dissipative
Cell balancing current 200 mA, at cell voltage 4.2 V
Cell voltage typical sampling time 100 ms
Accuracy of single cell voltage ±1.6 mV at 25 °C
Range of Temperature measurements -40 to +85 °C
Accuracy of cell temperature (NTC) ±1 °C -40 – 85 °C
Patents Granted ZT 200780048774, EP 0781788.6, US 8.350.529
Temperature sensor channels Up to 6
Dimension 170 mm x 70 mm x 15 mm, 67 g

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