Klixon® 20413, 20600, 20650

Temperature Switches

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

Fixed Temperature Thermostats


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The 20413, 20600 and 20650 series thermostats are especially designed for applications where space, capacity and ease of assembly are important production factors. They are fixed-setting, snap acting, automatic or manual reset temperature controls ideal for applications such as: AC, Heating and Ventilation equipment, dryers, unit heaters, etc. All automatic series are available as limit switches (open on temperature rise) or fan switches (close on temperature rise). Switch action is SPST, SPDT, or DPST with automatic reset types. Manual reset is available as a limit switch in SPST construction only.
The switch mechanism is actuated by the Klixon snap-action, bimetal disc which may be enclosed or exposed.
Enclosed disc devices are particularly recommended for applications in which dust and lint are prevalent in the environment.
Exposed disc types are used in applications where a faster thermal response to radiant heat is needed. Contact parts are enclosed for both disc types for protection against contamination.

Flanges Available

  • Small oval bottom flange
  • Integral surface flange
  • No flange cup
  • 3/4” deep cup
  • Special oval bottom flange

The ranges of temperature settings, tolerances, and nominal differentials shown below are available. Differential is the difference between opening and closing temperature in °F.
For example, a thermostat which opens at 180°F and closes at 140°F has a 40° differential. (Lowest unit prices are achieved by selecting differentials in the 30°F to 59°F range).
For temperature settings and differentials other than those shown, please consult GVZ Components.


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