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MLD Methane


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    Manufacturer: GVZ Components

    Gas Leakage detector for Methane (CH4)

      • Factory calibrated - No field calibration required
      • No cross sensitivity
      • Immune to poisoning
      • MPS technology inside
      • Long lifetime 15+ years
      • Fail safe (built-in diagnostic)
      • Temperature humidity and pressure compensation
      • Operating range -40° to 75° C, 0-100% Rh
      • IP 65
      • Modbus, 2x Relays and 2x Analogue Output (ALL IN ONE)
      • In Flame Start feature

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    MLD methane detector

    MLD gas detector for methane based on NevadaNano MPS™ Technology

    The MLD gas detectors for methane provides quick and accurate detection of methane across a variety of industries — from the oil and gas supply chain to safety applications. The smart sensor is intrinsically safe, robust, and extremely poison-resistant.
    It has built-in environmental compensation and self-testing for fail-safe operation. 
    Sensor output are available through Digital: Modbus (RS-485) and Analog: 4-20mA and Analog: 0.4-2V and 2x Dry Contacts: Alarm Relay for LOW conc. - Alarm Relay for HIGH conc./FAULT 
    MLD Extended Range Methane detector is designed and optimized for open-air detection of methane and natural gas plumes over a full range of concentrations, from 50 to 1,000,000 ppm.
    Note: the MLD Extended Range Methane is not suited for safety applications or for detection of gradually accumulating concentrations (e.g. slow leaks into confined, poorly ventilated spaces).


    MLD Flammables with NevadaNano Mini

    MLD Flammables with NevadaNano S4

    MLD Methane Extended Range with NevadaNano S4

    Sensor Technology

    Molecular Property Spectrometry™

    Sensor Type

    Mini Flammables

    S4 Flammables 4.0

    S4 Methane XR

    Gas Detected

    Methane CH4

    Detection Range

    0-100% LEL

    0-100% LEL

    50 - 1,000,000 ppm




    ±10% error (> 300 ppm)

    In Flame function


    YES - It can detect gas presence at start-up



    Digital: Modbus (RS-485) - Analog: 4-20mA - Analog: 0.4-2V - Dry Contacts: 2x Alarm Relays (LOW conc. - HIGH conc./FAULT)

    Visual information

    3 x LED (Status, Alarm LOW, Alarm HIGH/FAULT)

    Supply voltage

    12 Vdc - 24 Vdc

    Power consumption

    35mA average - 50mA peak


    128 x 89 x 22 mm

    128 x 89 x 37 mm

    128 x 89 x 37 mm

    Operating temperature range

    from -40 to +75 ºC

    Operating humidity range 0 to 100 %RH
    IP rating IP65
    Operating pressure range 80 to 120 kPa
    Certifications & Approvals CE, EMC, Rohs,  EN60079-0, EN60079-11, ATEX
    SIL2 conformity according to EN50402 / IEC 50271 / IEC 50270 / IEC61508 ongoing