GVZ company profile

GVZ Components is a leading European distributor for Sensata Technologies, the US based company which includes brands as Klixon, Airpax, Kavlico, Gigavac, Schrader, Sensor Nite, Bei Sensor, Deltatech, Cynergy3.

Founded in 1978 by Guido Gariboldi, GVZ was initially engaged in the distribution of GTE Sylvania’s glass bottle motor protectors in Italy, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. In 1988, GVZ opened the Italian market to the Japanese Figaro Engineering, increasing the industrial gas sensors business until 1992, when the company became the exclusive distributor for another Japanese semiconductor gas sensors and modules manufacturer: FIS Inc.

When in 2006 the company “Sensata Technologies” was created - with the merge of First Technologies (former GTE) and a part of Texas Instruments - GVZ was recognized as main distributor and increased its product portfolio and position as supplier for the industrial, automotive , HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and HVOR (Heavy Vehicles Off Road) markets.

In 2016, GVZ enlarged its role within the Sensata group becoming the Global distributor for the Alternative Fuel Market portfolio, supplying the whole EMEA market and some Global accounts in Canada, USA and India.

Today the company, driven by Guido’s son, Paolo, can also count among its partners companies such as Merit Sensor (MEMS pressure sensors), GSS (CO2 infrared sensing solutions), Maxtec (medical oxygen sensors), Shinyei (particulate and humidity/temperature sensors), Pyreos (Infrared Gas, Flame and Motion solutions), NUVAP (Air quality monitoring solutions), Semeatech (electrochemical sensors), Teviso (Radiation sensors) and Altelix (waterproof enclosures).

The business for GVZ is not only the sales of components. The team collaborates with the customer technical departments in order to support the products development. The close contact with the OEM design centres brings to the creation of custom products that better fit the customer demands, granting the reaching of the targets in terms of performances, image/branding and uniqueness.

The GVZ warehouse, placed in Milan, guarantees quick supply and production continuity.