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Sensata for solar parks

As the panels themselves are large and subject to hot, dusty conditions, they typically need a geared motor for precise movement...

... which in turn requires a multiturn absolute encoder for tracking. Large solar panel installation is becoming more economical as a viable alternative to coal, oil or gas-fired power plants.
With tens of thousands solar farms installed worldwide with a capacity higher than 200MW , tracking and protection of the system is crucial in order to ensure a safe and efficient operation. Fires for instance are mainly attributed to high resistance joints resulted from loose or corroded electrical connections and the damage can be very severe.
The wireless temperature solutions from Sensata provide monitoring of termination temperature considering ambient conditions, programming of real time alarms, and maintenance forecast to prevent actual fires.
In addition to that, Sensata Technologies has a broad range of sensing and control solutions, like encoders to ensure a precise movement of a geared motor, or to track the exact position of the panel, as well as solutions to control and safely protect the electricity generated by the panels, like for instance contactors, disconnect switches, fuses, and circuit breakers.