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PRECO application note

EzPyroTM evaluation kit data streaming guide

Pyreos is manufacturing fast pyroelectric detector components. To aid our customers system development we have created a range of demo kits, which can be used during the evaluation process. These include:

  • (1) CO2 detection demo kit - IR emitter with two detectors for gas and reference,
  • (2) Flame detection demo kit – 3 and 4IR detection system for flame and rejection detection,
  • (3) Motion and gesture demo kits – single and multi-element detector w/ or w/o a Fresnel lens.

The full range can be found here on this website. All demo kits are provided with the Evaluation Tool software for detector communication. If, however, one requires communication through Python code instead, we have developed a code, which will achieve this functionality and is available on request.
This application note describes the process of streaming data from demo kits equipped with our digital detectors (called ezPyroTM) and running Pyreos generic ezPyroTM firmware v1.07. The proposed code allows a customisable Python program to communicate over USB/ virtual serial port to the STM32 Nano board, which communicates to the ezPyroTM over an I2C bus. The ezPyroTM can be configured under Python control and raw data streamed back from the ezPyro’s to the Python code for (optional) processing and storage into a CSV file on PC