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Air Flow Meter module

Compact single/double differential pressure module 

The Air Flow Meter module by GVZ is a flexible solution that combine one or two high quality MEMS differential Pressure sensors by Merit Sensor with a PCB in order to offer the highest accuracy with the simplest installation. Detecting the pressure difference in a duct or in a fan channel, known the geometric dimensions, it’s possible to calculate easily the air flow. Moreover, with the measure straddling the air filter, the module gives you the indication when filter is clogged and when it’s time to replace or clean it. Thanks to its small dimensions and high sensibility, it could be used as compact differential pressure switch.

Main features

  • Compact size differential pressure module
  • Single or double pressure sensor on board
  • Wide range of pressure from 0.035psi (250Pa) to 15psi (103kPa)
  • Gage, Differential or Absolute sensors
  • High accuracy, temperature compensated
  • Highly customizable solution

This pressure module represents a simple solution that includes one or two MEMS differential pressure sensors on a main board. The 3 configurations available (Differential, Gage or Absolute) of the pressure sensors, the low pressure range (from 250Pa) and the stabilized signal characterize the versatility of this product. In the applications where the reading of air pressure is fundamental, the GVZ pressure module is a useful solution (as Air Filter Status, Air Flow Meters, Low pressure sensor and more). Thanks to low consumption, small size and wide range of power supply, it is a highly flexible tool even in compact and portable devices.


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