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Accessory for GSR-3 Relay board 

Accessory for FIS-3000 series - Easy interface that provides dry contacts via 3 alarm relays

The multiple Relay Board is an easy interface solution, to use in combination with Nissha­FiS Gas sensor module (FiS3000 series), that commutate the signal from Open Collector (Gas Module) to Dry contact. It's goals are to give back alarm outputs available for mostly HVAC central unit and also to be a simple complete solution in those small systems where the "classical" gas detection systems on market are too excessive. Moreover the FiS3000 gas sensor module is precalibrated, cheap and robust component with Alarm, Prealarm and Malfunction output which doesn't requeire calibration. The industrial enclosure with the transparent cover, allows the installer to connect the cables after removing of the cover.
The working/alarming status of the board is well visually identified with green and red LED.
This solution represents a low cost tool to install a refrigerant leakage device.

gsr-3 scheme

Main features

  • Multiple Alarms
  • Easy interface with dry contacts
  • Single alimentation supply for Board and Gas sensor
  • Interfaced to FiS3000 gas module for multiple gases
  • Highly customizable and flexible

The GVZ Gas leakage relays board is a flexible and easy solution used to control and commute the Open collector signal (from FiS3000 gas sensors) in a dry contact solving the most common requests of the markets. It is also the perfect solution to have a gas leakage system where the dimension and price of the final device not allow the installation of a complex system.

Fields of Application

  • Air Treatment Unit
  • HVAC accessory
  • ­Industrial
  • Residential
  • OEM
  • Refrigeration

Applications Air QualitySafetyHVACIndustrialFood
Type Modules