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Low range industrial wireless pressure transducer

The IWPTL Wireless Pressure Transducer is a cost effective replacement to a traditionally wired pressure transducer that offers the advantages of a low-cost installation in inaccessible and expensive installation environments. It is easily paired to the compatible IWR family of single- or five-channel wireless receivers thus offering a “plug and play” solution to your pressure measurement applications. The instrument uses a piezo-resistive silicon sensor mounted within a 316 stainless steel housing giving excellent media compatibility for the harshest of applications. A swivel adaptor is available which allows the head to be easily aligned to the IWR receiver - see IWPT-SA.

The IWPT sensor can be used with either an IWR-1 or IWR-5 receiver. A line-of-sight range of up to 500 m is possible depending on the wireless receiver used (refer to datasheets IWR-1 & IWR-5 for further information). Each device is temperature compensated, calibrated and supplied with a traceable serial number.


  • Suitable for liquids and gases
  • Pressure ranges from 0-50mbar to 0-1000mbar gauge
  • Up to 500 m line-of-site range (depending on receiver)
  • Piezo-resistive stainless steel sensor with stainless steel body
  • Five-year battery life at 10 second transmission update rate
  • Simple DIL switch pairing with the single or five channel receiver
  • Single or five channel receivers available
  • User-selectable transmission update rates
  • User-selectable 1-5V or 4-20 mA receiver outputs
  • Receiver clean contacts provide process alarm functions

Typical Applications

  • Simple cable replacement installation
    – dispense with expensive cable runs
  • Environmental monitoring
    – rainwater harvesting, environmental engineering
  • Facilities management
    – boiler rooms, laboratory testing, tank gauging
  • Asset monitoring
    – tanks farms, process plants, HVAC and building management
  • Service Contract
    – temporary installation for servicing and field trials
Applications IndustrialIIoT
Type Wireless Pressure Sensors


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