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Gas Detectors

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    Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

    Portable LEL gas detector


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    • Sensor, filter, and battery are replaceable.
    • Robust waterproof design and intrinsically safety rating make the 03 series the ideal gas monitor for many hazardous applications.

    Category Portable Gas Detector
    Type Single Gas
    Detection gas Combustible
    Principle of detection Catalytic combustion
    Detection range 0-100%LEL (1%LEL)
    Sampling method Diffusion
    Display of alarm Flashing light / buzzer / vibration
    Explosion protected construction Intrinsically safe
    IP rating IP67
    Approvals ATEX, IECEx, CE
    Power source Alkaline battery 2-AAA size
    Optional: Ni-MH battery pack
    Battery life Alkaline battery: Approx. 35 hours
    Ni-MH battery: Approx. 30 hours
    Dimensions 57(W) x 70(H) x 26(D) mm
    Weight 80g
    Operating temperature range -20℃ to +50℃
    Operating humidity range 16 to 85%RH



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