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Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

Portable multi gas monitor GX6000


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Detection of up to six gases

  • This monitor detects up to six gases of flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, other toxic gas, volatile organic solvent gas (VOC), etc. at a time.

Voluntary management of hazardous chemicals

  • Perfect for safety management of chemicals whose risk assessment is mandatory. Multiple types of gas can be measured with one unit, resulting in improved work efficiency.

Panic alarm & Man-down alarm*

  • Two new functions to protect workers’ safety.
    ◆ Panic alarm: Alarm is sounded manually to let people know abnormality.
    ◆ Man-down alarm*: Automatic alarm sound to let people around the worker know the
    abnormality in case of no sensed operation for a certain period.
    *Normally the man-down alarm function is set to OFF. To use this function, please contact our tech support


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