OX-04G / OX-04

Gas Detectors

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Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

O2 portable gas detector


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  • Broad lineup featuring seven models
  • Three-year sensor warranty
  • Newly developed R sensor installed for improved performance
Category Portable Gas Detector
Type Single Gas
Gas type Toxic
Detection gas O2
Principle of detection Galvanic cell type [OX-04G]
Electrochemical type [OX-04]
Detection range 0-40vol%
Alarm setpoints L 18.0vol% / LL 18.0vol% / H 25.0vol%
Sampling method Diffusion
Display of alarm Flashing light / buzzer / vibration
Explosion protected construction Intrinsically safe
Explosion-proof class ATEX : Ⅱ1G Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga (AAA alkaline), Ⅱ1G Ex ia ⅡC T3 Ga (Ni-MH)
IECEx : Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga (AAA alkaline), Ex ia ⅡC T3 Ga (Ni-MH)
IP rating IP66/67 (currently under testing)
Approvals IECEx / ATEX / INMETRO / Japan Ex / CE
Power source AAA alkaline or Ni-MH (eneloop) batteries (x2)
Battery life Approx. 9000hours (AAA alkaline)[OX-04G]
Approx. 6000hours (Ni-MH)[OX-04G]
Approx. 3000hours (AAA alkaline)[OX-04]
Approx. 2000hours (Ni-MH)[OX-04]
Dimensions Approx. 54 (W) x 67 (H) x 24 (D) mm (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 93g
Operating temperature range -20℃ to +50℃ (no sudden changes)(Approx. 15-minute temporry use environment: -40℃ to +60℃[no sudden changes])
Operating humidity range 10 to 90%RH (no condensation)(Approx. 15-minute temporry use environment: 0 to 95%RH[no condensation])



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