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Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

Intelligent Gas Detector


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The SD-1 series is a compact lightweight Intelligent Gas Detector ideal for deployment in refineries and petrochemical plants. The series includes an extensive lineup of models for detecting combustible gases, toxic gases (hydrogen sulfide/carbon monoxide), and oxygen. These devices also offer various functions and features, including HART communication and SIL2 certification. The rugged chassis and range of accessories makes this series ideal for the harshest environments. Connecting this product to indicator/alarm units at local safety points and upstream systems in centralized monitoring rooms or metering rooms helps establish comprehensive disaster prevention systems.

Main Features

  • Explosion-proof in hydrogen/acetylene environments
    Flame-proof enclosures enable use as an explosion-proof product in hydrogen/acetylene environments.
  • Waterproof/Dust-proof
    Protection rating equivalent to IP65. Suitable for use in harsh environments.
  • Compatible with HART communications
    The product sends digital signals across general analog 4 - 20 mA output lines to allow data exchange over a broad range.
  • Equipped with self-diagnostic function
    The device performs self-diagnostics after power supply starts.
    In the event of an error, instead of displaying the gas concentration, the product will display a fault description (error code) pointing to a potential cause of the problem.
  • Supports gas detection by aspiration
    Connecting the SD-1 Series suction cap (with gas flow inlet/outlet) to the product sensor allows gas detection by aspiration.
    * Use for gas detection by aspiration requires a suction pump and aspirator unit (available separately), in addition to a power supply.


  • Production process: Electrolyte filing / Separator production
  • Installation point: In / On the machine or room
  • Purpose: Low concentaration Combustible & Toxic gas measurement
  • Detector: model SD-1GH (ATEX・IECEx)
  • Main measuring gases: DMC/EMC/DEC etc
  • Measuring range: PPM range (please cotact us)
  • Advantages:
    • Diffusion Type
    • With concentration display function
    • ATEX/IECEx
  • Benefits: Wide detection range available (please contact us) Early gas detection at PPM level.
  • With a self-diagnostic function that displays error codes and notifies the user in the event of a malfunction.


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