SD-D58 series

Gas Detectors

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Manufacturer: Riken Keiki

Smart Transmitter/Gas Detector Head


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The detector head is a fixed type detector head that detects leak of combustible gases and that performs the alarm activation when the gas concentration is over the setting value.
The detector head is a safety unit, not an analyzer or densitometer which performs quantitative/qualitative analysis/measurement for gases. Please fully understand the features of the
detector head before using it, so that it can be used properly.

  • Detector head draws air with the built-in pump, and detects abnormalities in the air caused by presence of gases or other reasons (leak) with the built-in gas sensor.
  • The concentrations of detected gases are displayed on the seven-segment LED.
  • The detector head has a built-in alarm contact and can be used either as a gas alarm, fault alarm, or common (gas, fault) alarm.
  • The detector head has a built-in low flow rate detection function and can trigger a fault alarm when the flow rate inside the tubing drops below a fixed rate.
  • The detector head outputs gas concentration in 4 – 20 mA.
  • SD-D58 series have two types of power supply specifications.
    SD-D58・AC AC power specification 100 – 110VAC
    SD-D58・DC DC power specification 24VDC
  • TYPE GP H/TYPE NC H have HART communication function.
  • Production process: Electrolyte filing
  • Installation point: In / On the machine
  • Purpose: Explosion prevention
  • Detector model: SD-D58・DC (TYPE GP)(ATEX)
  • Main measuring gases: DMC
  • Measuring range: 0-100% LEL
  • Advantages:
    • Buit-in pump suction type
    • With concentration display function
    • ATEX
  • Benefits: Quickly gas detection with high performance built-in pump. Equipped with a low flow detection sensor to notify of failures. 
    Unitization of replacement parts. Easy replacement of sensor and pump units.


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