Klixon® 2TC49 SERIES

Circuit breakers

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Manufacturer: Sensata Klixon®

2.5 to 10 Amps, Single Pole Aircraft Circuit Breakers


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The Klixon® 2TC49 “Dual Safety™” circuit breaker represents a refinement in electrical control and circuit protection.

The 2TC49 dual safety circuit breaker incorporates a fusible element in a standard 2TC (MS 3320) package size to provide redundant protection in hard fault conditions. “Hard Fault” Tripping -

The 2TC49 dual safety circuit breaker operates identically to a standard circuit breaker under all normal conditions, including short circuit. In the event of circumstances, which disable the internal circuit breaker mechanisms, such that the device is able to carry current, but unable to clear an overload via its normal means, the dual safety element acts as a built in fuse to provide redundant circuit protection. The key part in the dual safety design is a two part current carrying element joined by a special alloy.

The geometry and material of the element determine its heating properties. The elements heating properties are slower than the bimetal sensor but faster than the smoke curve of the wire the rating is designed to protect. In the case where the standard mechanism is disabled or cannot operate normally, the separable element “fuses” open, interrupting the current.

The benefits of the dual safety design result in calibrated overcurrent protection (based on fuse times) and specified post fuse dielectric properties for system and human protection.


  • Extension of the 2TC series
  • Ambient Compensated
  • 2.5 to 10 amps ratings
  • Miniature size, lightweight
  • Separable link
  • Redundancy protection in hard fault, catastrophic conditions


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