SIM100MOD Module

Insulation Monitoring Devices

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Manufacturer: Sensata Technologies

High voltage isolation monitoring / IMD device for Electric Vehicles (EV/HEVs) and charging stations


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The Sensata | Sendyne SIM100MOD is the first high voltage isolation monitoring / insulation monitoring / IMD device for Electric Vehicles (EV/HEVs) and charging stations capable of operating correctly even when the battery is active, and experiencing large voltage variations. The SIM100MOD continuously monitors the isolation resistance between a vehicle's IT (Isolated Terra) power system and chassis for deterioration of insulation and potentially dangerous levels of leakage current. 


  • Measures voltage for each battery terminal to chassis 
  • Reports battery voltage 
  • Operates normally while the battery is having large voltage excursions and variations 
  • Measures and reports modeled leakage resistances per model adapted by the safety standards ISO6469-1, FMVSS §571.305 and others 
  • Reports calculated isolation resistance in Ω/V per requirements of the safety standards 
  • Measures and reports the value of capacitance from each battery terminal to chassis 
  • Calculates and reports the energy stored by the total capacitance between the battery and chassis
  • Continuously monitors connections of the voltage sense lines to the battery terminals; reports inadequate connections
  • Continuously monitors connection of the unit to chassis; reports inadequate connection Provides high immunity to common-mode noise that can be present on the battery terminals 
  • Provides nonvolatile storage for the value of the maximum (design) voltage of the battery (used in calculations of the isolation resistance and stored energy). If the actual observed battery voltage is higher than the set maximum voltage, the higher value is used in the calculations of the isolation resistance and stored energy
  • Provides nonvolatile storage for calibration of the voltage measurements and other parameters; all reported measurements have their respective calibration parameters applied automatically 
  • Provides built-in galvanically isolated and intrinsically leakage-safe excitation source 
  • A single CAN-interface transaction (packet) provides sufficient information for determination of the safe status of the system 
  • Provides measurement of the internal isolated power supply voltage for system diagnostics 
  • Provides measurement of the module’s temperature for system diagnostics


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